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Getting your message across

It all starts with ensuring your project is looked after by a professional linguist. A bilingual localisation specialist, native French speaker and member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, I provide quality researched work with a flexible and personable approach. Whether you're looking for translation, copywriting or quality assurance, enjoy the peace of mind of working with a wordsmith who'll look after your project in a timely fashion, without putting profit above your needs.
From quote to finish, I always work in close collaboration with my clients to ensure that I meet their demands with a polished final product.

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Start by dropping me a line at info@akrosstranslations.com to brief me about your project and, from there until your project is delivered, I'll always be only an email or a Skype call away to answer all your queries.

Language services in English and French

Akross offers a wide range of language services specially tailored to meet your project needs.

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