Localizing your activities will help make them resonate locally.
This involves making the cultural adaptations that will speak to your local audience.

Terminology Management

I can create multilingual glossaries, databases and style guides that will combine your voice with specialised knowledge in your field. This way all of your future campaigns will strike the right balance between local resonance and global brand consistency.


Guaranteeing the relevance of your metadata in the target language is crucial to effective online content localisation. This is why I offer bilingual keyword research and optimisation and paid search advertising localisation in both French and English.

Social Media

By researching, translating and further analysing social media data for your organisation, I can help your marketing team define an effective, localised social media strategy. Talk to me about your project and I will do the ground work for you.


If you are seeking guidance with your approach to localisation, I can help by carrying out the local research on your behalf or by advising you in the design of an effective localisation strategy. There is no clear-cut package, my services can be tailored to your actual localisation needs.